BERT WILLIAMS & SONS, INC. started as a one-man shop and garage in the middle months of 1939 by Herbert “Bert” E. Williams in the rear of the old P.M. Quien building next to the Napa River where the Napa Memorial Park is today. The business grew slowly while investing in inventory and newer machinery and was incorporated in 1973.

In 1975, The City of Napa decided to connect north and south Soscol Avenue; in doing this, they condemned our property at 831 First Street.  After much searching, we found our existing location at 525 North Bay Drive.

In May of 1995, Herbert L. Williams expanded Bert Williams & Sons, Inc. to include a second store located in Fairfield, California, which also included Heavy Duty truck repairs. Five years later, Herb Williams decided to expand operations further with the addition of yet a third facility in Vallejo, CA. This allowed him to build on an already established automotive customer base and expand into Heavy Duty truck part sales while at the same time increasing his market area.

After several years of growth, in both the Napa and Vallejo facilities Herb Williams decided to close the Fairfield facility. Although the facility was closed, BWS is still able to maintain their customer base through the Vallejo facility.

BERT WILLIAMS & SONS, INC. is still growing, and although the road can be a little bumpy at times, we feel with the high quality staff we are fortunate to have, we will continue to be one of the leaders in our industry.

This is a condensed version of our company history — many events and important people have been left out only due to time and space requirements.

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